Feb 16, 2011

Bro and Evan have a surprise at 12:30

Bro and Evan have been plugging a "surprise guest" at 12:30 Wednesday. They just described this "surprise guest" as a "beautiful" and "stunning" guest.
Who could it be? My bet is Kim Kardashian, who is currently dating some guy on the NJ Nets...Kris Humphries, or something like that.
Evan recently interviewed the woman with the largest ass on the planet at a Nets game. Evan routinely talks about his fondness for the woman who only became famous for a) a sex tape and b) being the daughter of the lawyer who got OJ acquitted of murder charges (Prosecution should have charged Murder in the 2nd degree. 1st degree Murder was never going to stick).
I guess we shall see...
UPDATE: Surprise guest is 2011 SI Swimsuit cover girl Irina Shayk.
UPDATE #2: It was a pretty boring interview. I guess there's a reason Irina Shayk is a model and not a talk show host.

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  1. I saw her on the Today Show. Not only was she boring but she tried to be funny and it just did'nt work. She sure does look good though. I hear she dates some famous soccer player?

    On a side note...I happen to agree with Mike that the Wilpons were'nt aware of the Madoff Ponzi scheme. Of course now that Mike is being adamant about their lack of knowledge I'm sure we'll soon hear that they were involved.