Feb 20, 2011

Who's the most PAID SNL alum? Eddie Murphy.

Going back and forth with the NBA All-Star Game and this Saturday Night Live commercial parody special. It got me wondering...Which SNL actor was the most financialy sucessful?
Turns out that all you have to do is type "who is most finance successful saturday night live" into a search engine to find out the answer. Someone else did the work for my completely ridiculous question...
I figured Eddie Murphy at the top of the list. From Beverly Hills Cop to Dr. Doolittle, the guy makes bank. But the rest threw me off a bit. I had Adam Sandler in the top 3. The Waterboy made $100 million.
Rob Schneider at #4? Really? Ahead of Bill Murray? Bill Murray was in Ghostbusters and Caddyshack.
Top Grossing (Total):
1. Eddie Murphy: 3.459 bil
2. Dan Aykroyd : 3.374 bil
3. Mike Myers: 3.335 bil
4. Rob Schneider: 2.992 bil
5. Bill Murray: 2.681 bil
6. Adam Sandler: 2.557 bil
7. Joan Cusack: 2.297 bil
8. Billy Crystal: 2.15 bil
9. Molly Shannon: 1.761 bil
10. John Lovitz: 1.339 bil
11. Anthony Michael Hall: 1.292 bil
12. Janeane Garofalo: 1.214 bil
13 Martin Short: 1.203 bil
14. Will Ferrell: 1.13 bil
15. Chevy Chase: 1.105 bil
16. Chris Rock: 977 mil
17. Phil Hartman: 634.6 mil
18. Christopher Guest: 488.7 mil
19. Dana Carvey: 428.6 mil
20. Chris Farley: 395.1 mil
In related news, I have a crush on this current SNL cast member.

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