Apr 7, 2011

What NFL owners REALLY want to tell the Players...

The NFL just put out this statement. Here's the translation into what the Owners are really telling the Players:
NFL statement on letter to players’ attorneys:
“Our letter to the players’ attorneys today proposes negotiations with owner involvement under the supervision of Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service Director George Cohen. A copy has been sent to Judge Nelson. The goal of the discussions would be to resolve all outstanding issues and achieve a global resolution. As part of our proposal, we offered to give the players assurances that they will not compromise any legal position as a result of the discussions.”
What the NFL REALLY means:
"We told you what we want and aren't going to move on our position. We want a new Federal Mediator because Judge Nelson is a left wing Pinko Communist who doesn't favor our position and we believe that Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service Director George Cohen will be sympathetic to our cause. We are seeking a global resolution that suits our profit margins. We will fuck you in the ass the second you drop the soap in the shower."

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