Mar 20, 2011

4th in my NCAA Pool...

As of 10:30 Sunday March 20, I am in Fourth Place in my office NCAA Pool. Notre Dame is down 11 at the half and if I lose ND, I am TOAST...
And the worst part of it that my Boss is currently in First. Cocksucker! But we both have Ohio St. winning it all. So, If I can carry Ohio St. Notre Dame and San Diego St. into the Final 4, I'm in good shape.
I already lost St. John's. I have a Championship matchup of Ohio St. vs ND. If I lose ND before the Sweet 16, my bracket done got busted. I basically need ND to win and Kansas to lose to move back into first, because EVERYBODY -including Obama - has Kansas winning it.
I was in Last Place in my pool on Friday morning. Then Saturday night, I moved to First Place. Now I'm in Fourth.