Mar 23, 2011

LT: "I didn't pick her up at no playground."

After his sentencing Tuesday, Lawrence Taylor was interviewed on Fox News last night. Its pretty sad actually. But, he's a grown man and he should know that when it rains, you're going to get wet, unless you are playing with fire, in which case you get burned...Or something like that.
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  1. Random question...

    How long is the drive to Montreal? Worth flying up there?

  2. Depends. about 7 hours on average. I've done it in 4. But I drive fast. If yu hit traffic in Albany, you can tack on an hour to that.

    If you leave at like 11pm, you should be able to get there by 5am. But is you leave at Noon, you'll hit major traffic in Montreal.

    A flight is about $300 roundtrip and is about 45 minutes. I usuakky fly thrugh Philly for cheaper airfare.

  3. What do you need to cross the border? Passport? They check all your shit or is it pretty simple?What about driving? U.S. license works, right?

    Obviously I've never traveled outside the country without my family to hold my hand...

  4. A license will get you into Canada if you drive. But you need a passport to get back into the States if you fly. Best to have a passport anyway, in case you get arrested.

    If you fly, there's more paperwork than if you drive. And if you drive, you can load up your trunk with booze and cigaretts at the border.

    And don't call it America. You live in the United States. Canada is part of America, so they won't like you if you say that.


  6. Well I have a passport so I'm just trying to figure out the easiest/cheapest way into the country. On one hand I don't want to spend the money on a plane ticket, but on the other I really don't want to worry about having my car up there...

    And holy shit, Canada is part of America, totally forgot about that..

    What about exchanging money? Probably cheaper to do it in Jersey. That's where I got my euros from during the summer, but the Canada-U.S. exchange rate is pretty much the same so I guess it won't make much of a difference..

    Okay so what else do I need to know to ensure I don't come back with with bullet holes in me?

  7. When you get there, put your ATM card into this thing called an ATM machine. In Canada, these ATM machines dispense Canadian money.