Mar 8, 2011

Can Tiki unretire his way into the NFL Hall of Fame?

I was kinda late to the Tiki Barber un-retirement news today, so I figured I'd take a different angle.
I've loved Tiki on the Giants since his first game in 1997 against Philly. I loved him against the Cowboys in 2000. I loved him against the Redskins in 2006. I'm a fan. I knew when he retired that he was the best RB in Giants history. But he wasn't a Hall-of-Famer.
But with Tiki coming back - EVEN FOR TWO SEASONS - he could have better stats than Marshall Faulk, who was voted into the HOF last month.
I doubt it will ever happen, but consider these facts:
.................Faulk....Barber..Diff...Avg/gm..Avg/gm (2 seasons)
Total yards.19,190..17,359..1,831..101.7...50.8
So, assuming the 18 game season (which we all know will happen), Tiki could eclipse Marshall Faulk's stats in every meaningfull category with two seasons as a somewhat productive backup RB, who can average 50.9 total yards per game.
All's I know it that it won't be with the NY Giants...

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