Mar 18, 2011

Isiah Thomas' Dad lost a bet...

So The Unversity of Washington (Washington State, not D.C. you morons), has a player named Isiah Thomas. I kinda figured it was Isiah Thomas' son...Not because I'm racist, but because I figure that Isiah Thomas' offspring would probably be pretty good at basketball.
But during the UDub/UGA game, somebody interviewd his Dad, who said that he named his firstborn because he lost a bet on the Lakers 27 years ago.
"Ummm. What? You named your kid Isiah Thomas because you lost a bet? No, really...Really? No fucking shit, you really named your kid Isiah Thomas? Don't you know that he's going to single-handedly destroy the Knicks in 15 years?"
If I lost a bet and had to name my kid Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith or Randall Cunningham...I'd get a vasectomy.

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  1. If you don't mind KBilly, I will name my adopted son from Somalia after you..